Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. specializes in multiple fieldwork services concerning the federally endangered Indiana Bat and can custom tailor your field study according to your individual project needs.

With USFWS permitted staff rangewide across the United States, BCM has completed habitat, acoustic, physical capture, and radio telemetry surveys, supporting partners such as consulting firms, wind facilities, gas pipelines, transmission lines, timber sales, mining, highway construction, and wildlife agencies. In addition we provide logistical field and technical support to our partners collaborating on large projects.

The types of projects we specialize in include:

Fieldwork assistance for partners requiring any type of bat survey work

Habitat surveys, typically for Indiana bat, Northern long-eared, Eastern small footed, Florida bonneted bat, and Allegheny woodrat.

Abandoned mine and cave surveys

Bat acoustic monitoring surveys and data analysis 

Bat roost video monitoring

Bat mist net, harp trap, and acoustic monitoring surveys

Radio telemetry tracking for foraging, roost, and migration studies

Bat exclusions and control

Artificial roost construction

Contact us with a summary of your project needs for an immediate quote and estimated availability. If you received a letter from the USFWS requesting a survey, those projects are generally classified one of two ways, with different levels of effort required for each.  Include your general location and total number of forested acres in your Project Area, or approximate length of of your project if linear in nature (pipelines, power lines, road, ridgetop wind facility, etc.).

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